Why Do Search Engines Love Directories?

Link building strategies that are favored by website owners on a limited budget is the use of directory submissions. In using directory submissions they are provided with low cost website promotion. Not only will using directory submissions provide these business owners explorescholarships with back links increasing their website popularity but the directory submissions also assist with the keyword targeting for their website. Giving them improved exposure to the major search engines as an added bonus. You can complete the directory submissions yourself or you can hire the services of an experienced directory submissions firm to do this for you, either way you decide to complete directory submissions you will find them beneficial because directory submissions Webdiamonds are what search engines love.

o Constantly updated directories are SEO friendly

Active directories, predominantly those of general topics, Bsocialtoday constantly have new content added. The search engines love to find new content and a website that has continual updates will be highly regarded by search engines and they in turn crawl these sites more often ensuring that they stay updated with the latest content that has been submitted. So the main reason that search engines just love directories is that they are constantly being updated with new information. For the business owner the benefit of this is that if they make directory submissions themselves or use a company to do it for them, the SEO friendly directories are constantly being crawled by search engines and therefore ilweb your chances as a business of increased rankings are very high in fact almost being guaranteed when you obtain links from well structured directories.

o Topically related directories are SEO friendly

Topically related directories are those that are similar in content or information that is relevant to your field, Primewebdir product or service offered. Website owners will gain the most benefit when they use a manual directory submission service, or complete submissions themselves, that submit to SEO friendly directories that have superior categorization. Directories that are well maintained obtain high relevancy for their categories and this enables the search engines to reward the directories with improving their rankings because there is little if any keyword confusion on the directory. Using well structured and category optimized websites are the favorites of search engines and should be the preferred choice when making directory submissions. These directories have topically related information placed closely together and this is the basic structure of a SEO friendly directory. Related listings placed closely together of related websites. A directory listing that is properly set up can give your website contextual back links and these back links are a much more valuable tool than having back links from websites with unrelated content.

o SEO friendly directories are search engine friendly

Many SEO friendly directories use URL rewriting scripts creating SEO Directoryscape friendly links within the directory as opposed to the use of confusing and unattractive query strings. An example of this is if you look at the URL descriptions on SEO friendly directories they are much more simple and easy to follow as opposed to the messy or confusing URLs.

This is a sample of a user friendly URL:


A URL that is not user friendly would perhaps look more like this:


Almost all directory scripts around today are SEO friendly which makes it much easier for a search engine to index every page of the directories. Despite all the incredible improvements in technologies it is still more difficult for search engines to index web pages that have long query strings. If a directory uses SEO friendly URL’s this is much easier for search engines to index and it also aids to improve the website keyword targeting of websites that submit to these particular directories. For more info please visit sites here:-http://www.yourpaella.co.uk http://www.stumblesites.org/ https://www.addbiz.org/ https://www.powerbizdirectory.com/


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