Link Building Tactics – Directory Submission Strategy

Many webmasters believe directories have little value in SEO, but listings in quality directories are actually excellent sources of one way links. It can be a tedious process and time consuming, Holabiz but if you approach directory submission methodically, this can be a valuable part of your over backlink profile.


  1. Identify Directories. There are many good general directories that provide excellent listings. By all means submit your site to DMOZ (and then forget about it), Mahalobiz JoeAnt, Gimpsy, and Yahoo (if your site is non-commercial. Google best free directories for more – though you won’t want to limit yourself to free directories, but that’s a good place to start.
  2. Anchor Text and Description. In advance, Smallbizdirectori write out several variations of your anchor text and site description. Don’t be spammy and stuff keywords in your title – one or two keywords with the company name should be what you strive for. Duplicate content is an issue, and quality directories don’t want the same content you’ve offered every other site. Vary your text as much as possible with each submission; especially for the top quality directories. Google sees variations in the incoming anchor text as a strong indicator that your listings are natural and not created by automated software. Use your company name as well as a variety of relevant keyword phrases. Mix it up.
  3. Seek Out the Highest Quality Paid Directories. You should budget for paid directories. Look for directories with PageRank on the page where your listing will be. Where there is a PageRank paying for a premium or featured listing at the top is well worth the money. The closer to the top, Gogodex the better. If you are paying for submission, make sure you are paying for a review in a human edited directory. Otherwise Google may see it as buying a link, and that’s against their guidelines.
  4. SEO friendly directories. Sure, lots of directories say they are SEO friendly, but how do you know? Take a look at the internal pages, and make sure they are cached. If you don’t have a Google toolbar installed, Goeditors the operand is cache:URL. Human edited directories are also generally SEO friendly.
  5. Choose The Right Category – Take your time when you submit and make sure you are submitting to the correct category. The editors will often reject a submission because it’s too much trouble to move it the right category. On a larger directory there may be several editors and they may not be familiar with the correct category for your site. So, do your homework.
  6. Keep Track of Your Submissions. Make an excel file and note the URL เว็บสล็อต, the date of submission and the category where you submitted. When you are accepted, note the date; if you haven’t gotten accepted in 4 weeks submit again (do not resubmit to DMOZ.)
  7. Use an alternate email address. Some directories send out a lot of extra marketing emails.
  8. Niche directories and Deep Links. Wherever you can, seek out directories that are entirely devoted to your industry. Search ‘directory keyword1’ and so on to find specialized directories for your field. Niche directories can be a terrific source of traffic in addition to their SEO value. Most directories don’t accept deep links, but these can be valuable backlinks when you find them. Google likes to see links to a variety of pages on your site. For more info please visit these websites here


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